Embracing Individuality and uniqueness. The Supper depicts the momentum to share, to exchange, and to embrace cultural diversity- regardless to gender, body type and ethnical background. Embracing the complexity and the plurality of each single individual.

Campaign Team

Photography by Kevin Rinaldo

Photography Assistant by Eryka Pruszynska

Art Director by Wanderley Da Costa

Styling by Aliyah Reboté Semillano

Makeup by Enola Martin

Makeup Assistant by Gabriel Bbergeot

Models: Cheickna Sissoko , Zhe Huic, Yishan Oui, Camille Adin, Farrah , Elisa Paulette Vicente , Quentin.

Fashion Credits:  Shoes by BETTINA VERMILLON, Accessories by TIMELESS PEARLY, Wardrobe Collaboration with The Parisian Vintage and Oldé Paris: Givenchy, Zara, H&M, Hermès, DAWEI PARIS, UNRAVEL, DAWEI STUDIO.

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