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Work that too long home sitting and Netflix addicted act of yours. Let’s bring out that energetic creature that hungers for life and beauty again. Why not spice it up by mixing sport, beach, and high heels to live up to that spirit. It is a good time to pump it up.

Editorial Team

Photography by Kevin Rinaldo

Styling by Aliyah Reboté Semillano

Makeup by Kasia Furtak

Hair by Philippine Cordon

Set assistant by Arthur Bouclier

Models: Otalia Bolore from Women Management Paris and Elisa Paulette Vicente

Fashion Credits: Bikini Top by H&M, trousers by DAWEI PARIS, shoes by IDENTITÀ, bikini Suit by POOL DAY PARIS, shoes by ALOHAS, White dress by AOA ATELIER, shoes by BETTINA VERMILLON, Black look by MAISON KIM HÉ KIM, shoes by UNRAVEL, white button-up shirt by ZARA, black dress by OFF-WHITE, shoes by ALOHAS, Asymmetric top by HELMUT LANG, trousers by DAWEI STUDIO, shoes by UNRAVEL, Bikini Top by H&M, trousers by DAWEI PARIS, shoes by IDENTITÀ, Nude dress by UMLAUT PARIS, Tibi Boots by MAISON MARGIELA

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