Aliyah  Semillano

Meet Aliyah Reboté Semillano.

A stylist, writer, and image consultant with a distinguished reputation in the Parisian fashion industry. With over four years of experience, Aliyah has collaborated with renowned brands such as Gucci, Lacoste, Montblanc, L’oreal, Bettina Vermillan, and Longchamp, as well as publications like STYLE Magazine Italia, Numero Magazine, and L’Officiel. Thanks to her innovative and consistent approach to styling, Aliyah has established herself as a go-to expert in the fashion world with her extensive experience in a variety of fields, including editorial fashion, e-commerce, ad campaigns, luxury fashion, celebrity styling, still-life, contributing writer, and executive production.

Press Features: WonderMagPH and Clavel Magazine

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