Behind the Scenes: Styling the Legend, Zidane Campaign Shoot for Montblanc

Step behind the scenes of the iconic Zidane campaign shoot for Montblanc, as a stylist shares their firsthand experience in curating the perfect wardrobe, witnessing Zidane’s legendary persona, and being part of a team that brought Montblanc’s brand values to life in a visually captivating campaign.

Uma Wang Returns to the Runways of Paris!

Uma Wang’s long-awaited return to Paris for the Fall 2023 Collection has brought a breath of fresh air to the fashion industry. The Shanghai-based designer, known for her signature earthy and rich textiles, surprised audiences with her experimentation with denim and her inclusion of something shiny in the collection.

Confronting Fears and Embracing Strength: Interview with Jade Hobeika, Co-Creative Director of George Hobeika

Jade Hoebeika, co-creative director of George Hobeika, shares his inspirations, challenges, and triumphs in creating a new collection that goes beyond fashion and touches on mental health and resilience. With his personal journey as a driving force, Jade’s latest collection is a testament to the power of confronting fears and embracing inner strength, leaving a lasting impact on the fashion industry.